Whovian Plays The Escapists (Ongoing) Edit

Whovian attempts to escape prison in this series. The Escapists is a pixelated prison game where your goal is to eascape in a timely manor. The following is a list of prisoners as seen in the first prison of the series:

  • Whovian (The Player)
  • Dj s (Hyrulian)
  • Brandan
  • Joey
  • Stella
  • Wyatt
  • Luis
  • Ervin
  • Walder
  • Dimitri

Here is a list of the prisoners from the second prison:

  • Whovian (The Player)
  • Dj s (Hyrulian)
  • Stella
  • Bob (Was Ronald, Roland, Rolando)
  • Nate
  • Simon
  • Keno
  • David
  • Brendan
  • Redford
  • Old coot
  • Khan
  • Haley
  • Ross
  • Mick

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