Collaborators on the Whovian & Hyrulian Channel: Edit

Zeldatwili: An old friend of Hyrulians. He owns a channel where he has made some Redstone videos, but his channel is currently inactive. You can find it here:

123isme1: A friend of both Whovian and Hyrulian. Has a channel with many tutorials and other videos. His channel currently has no videos, but you can find him here:

DarkestLegion095: An friend of Hyrulian. By far the most active of the list of collaborators. He makes gameplay videos, and both Whovian and Hyrulian have cameos in his videos. You can find his channel here:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.14.43 PM

Whovian and Hyrulian play on with 123isme1 and Zeldatwili in this old video.

Britnee Silence: A friend of Hyrulians. She makes covers of songs and stuff. You can watch here here:

Other People Who Don't Have Channels: MinecraftTim, DroptheNace96

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