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A photo of the Dragon from the 10th Episode of Hyrulian's Sandman Series.

Hyrulian Plays The Sandman Edit

This is the third major series by Hyrulian. He created this series to act as a sequel of sorts to his Mermaid Swamp series (Although the games are not sequential.). This series is the sequel to The Crooked Man, which Hyrulian played off camera before the channel was created. This was the first series to be completely edited in the VDSC Free Video Editor. He considers this one of his most funny series.

Why Was it Created? Edit

This series was created to be a spiritual successor to the Mermaid Swamp series. He also wanted to be able to compare how the VDSC video editor compared to Windows Movie Maker.

Links: Edit


The Sandman:

VDSC Free Video Editor:

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