Link from the Minish Cap. As would have been seen in a few of the canceled series.

List of Failed or Attempted Series: Edit

Whovian Plays The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap: Hyrulian was set on back seat gaming to some of Whovian's series, so he attempted to get him to play Minish Cap. They recorded a whole episode, but the video of the recoding failed, and they decided it was a bad idea.

Hyrulian Plays The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap: Hyrulian also attempted a Legend of Zelda series, much earlier then the Spirit Tracks play through, but that fell through when there was too much recording lag. (This was on the older PC.)

Astronaut & Far Too Loud - War Music Video: Hyrulian was entranced by the monstercat song, "War" and considered making a music video about it. This video would have took place in Garry's Mod, and would have been of the Rebel Forces form Half-Life, fighting a dozen striders. This was surprisingly planned out and nearly released, but due to worry about copyright infringement, it fell through.

Hyrulian Sims Legacy Series: Hyrulian originally planned to play all of The Sims games from Sims 1 - 3 up until the release of Sims 4, but that fell through due to Hyrulian's only disk copy of Sim's was shattered. The first episode was recorded, but deleted after the discovery of the broken disk.

Gamer's Rants with Hyrulian: The first episode of this series was released on the channel, and remains there today, but the series stopped for the release of another series which also failed called, "The Hyrulian Show". You can find that old episode here:

The Hyrulian Show: A Podcast that Whovian and Hyrulian recorded one episode of, that failed due to Hyrulian's immediate lack of interest after editing the first video. The first episode was complete, but deleted later. The episode was called, "Them Russians" and included a chat about favorite colors, games, and a chat that involved a chat about how Russians where poorly portrayed in video games.

Hyrulian Plays Pokemon Red: This was going to be a series where Hyrulian played Pokemon Red for the Gameboy. The first episode for it was recorded, but never even edited. Hyrulian thought that the series lacked originality, but he did finish the game with the party he started in that video.

Hyrulian Plays PokeMMO: PokeMMO is a Massive Online Multiplayer game that uses the Pokemon Fire Red engine to create a unique, and fun multiplayer Pokemon experience. Hyrulian recorded the first episode of this series, and later decided to delete it, again for lack of originality. There where expected cameos from Whovian, and some other collaborators, but the series fell through.

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